The Consortium is a network of producers – chosen among the most representative ones – in terms of quality and varieties of products. Our objective is to promote companies trade development on international markets.

Consortium origins

The Consortium builds on the experience of the Cooperative Bioagricoop s.c.r.l. – among the founding members of the Consortium – engaged since 1984 in the promotion of organic products in EU and international markets.

From February 2012, Bioagricoop promotes the Project Organic Food Organic Mood, for the promotion of Italian organic products in the Chinese market.

Our objective is to promote organic products and  support trade development. That’s the role of the Consortium: to support trade development of its member companies.

Why a Consortium?

–        The Consortium represents a group of companies able to offer a wide basket of products.

–        It’s a synonym of quality for the importer because the Consortium is a super partes structure

–        It provides technical and commercial assistance

–        Companies trade strategies are more effective because they can provide buyers diversified baskets of products

–        Shipment costs are lower because of the possibility to send mixed containers

–        Bureaucratic costs are lower because of Consortium technical assistance in export and custom clearance practices

–        Creation of a logistics base in China (Warehouse)

Why Foreign Markets?

–        Foreign markets are experiencing a great development , but for small companies is more difficult to approach them

–        Being part of the Consortium allows the companies to improve their reputation with foreign buyers

–        The membership of the Consortium allows to get business support services