Pure Organic Apiary Honey
Pure Organic Apiary Honey
Organic Honey in different packagings and types
Organic Honey in different packagings and types

Honey is the natural sweet substance produced by Apis mellifera bees from the nectar of plants or from secretions of living parts of plants or excretions of plant-sucking insects on the living parts of plants, which the bees collect, transform by combining with specific substances of their own, deposit, dehydrate, store and leave in honeycombs to ripen and mature. (EU Directive 2001/110/EC). This definition is very important to understand the ‘origin of honey: the sweet substance produced by bees. Accordingly, it is expressly forbidden to add or remove any substance. The entire amount of honey used as raw material is GMO’s free.
We can offer you a wide range of honey in different shapes for every taste.

Our main flavors:

• Acacia honey: very delicate with a white yellow color. It’s ideal to sweeten beverages, very good with yogurt and cheese.
• Orange honey: its flavor is like the orange fruit, it has a very light color. Good for cocktails, pastry and cheese.
• Chestnut honey: has a strong and bitter taste, the color is dark. It’s ideal to be combined with cocktails, pastry and cheese.
• Eucalyptus honey: has a balsamic and aromatic taste. It’s ideal with pastry and cheese
• Wildflowers honey: it has a sweet taste and amber color. Very good for cakes and pastry.
• Lemon honey: the taste is fresh and sour. It’s very good with ice cream, cakes and fresh cheese.
• Mountain honey: the taste is delicate and pleasant with an amber color. Good with cheese and beverages.
• Linden honey: light, intense and fragrant. This honey is very good for hot drinks and infusions.
These products are available in different shapes: 35 gr. , 100 gr., 500 gr.
Furthermore we can also offer honey biscuits and honey in squeeze bottles!
The shelf life of these products is 36 months.