The Consortium Organic City has been founded with the aim of promoting contacts among member companies and foreign buyers in order to facilitate the conclusion of sales contracts.

In particular, the Consortium offers the following services:

–         Use of the label Organic City.

–         Promotion of products on the Chinese market.

–         Creation of a bilingual product catalogue English / Chinese.

–         Search for operators interested in products of the member companies.

–         Management of commercial negotiations with buyers.

–         Constant update on the company’s ongoing negotiations and market demands.

–        Technical support in the certification procedure according to Chinese organic standard.

–        Technical support for shipping procedures: assistance in the preparation of the necessary documentation for customs clearance.

–         Technical assistance in the preparation of the labels.

–         Study of the most appropriate packaging for your target market.

–        Organization of Exhibitions, events, cooking demonstrations, promotional events in stores.

–        On site assistance.

–        Professional interpretation service.